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Sample Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan Week 4

Concept: Time & Space | Subconcept: Sudden & Sustained



Cognitive: Students will be able to identify the difference between sudden and sustained movements when watching others.

Affective: Students will be able to openly express their interests in sudden and sustain through improvisation.

Physical: Students will be able to demonstrate sudden and sustained in each exercise.

Social: Students will be able to problem solve together in working through to brain dance based on sudden and sustained time.



  • We will start with defining sudden and sustained

  • Give images (lighting & and a wave)

  • Have them demonstrate sudden movements

  • Move into the brain dance with the ideas of sudden/ sustained (how long can you keep growing or sustaining through an x-roll compared to suddenly doing a body half)


Exploring the Concept:

  • Show a video of lighting striking and wave crashing to give a better images

  • Pretend they are lighting going around obstacle course created then the wave crashing

  • Reflection with a partner which felt more natural in your body, lighting or wave?


Developing Skills:

  • Go across the floor sustaining into a fall in different directions (forward, side, back)

  • Combo of movements across the floor with a metronome (practice anticipating the 1)

  • Given short combo of sustained movements to make sudden and vise versa



  • Have students create a phrase of 8 that contains sudden and sustained movements in them

  • They will share in groups of 5 and then perform for each other

  • Each group will share what they noticed as they watched their peers perform


Cool Down:

  • Playing freeze dance with sudden and sustained freezes (moving through the freeze without moving any body parts)

  • Constructive rest to end the class

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