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Nice to meet you!

Hi, I'm Britney! I began modeling for Lily’s Talent Agency when I was ten years old and quickly grew to love the industry. Growing up, I modeled for Kohl’s, American Girl, Walgreens, and many other brands. Once I was ready to further my career, I began on-camera work for brands such as Payless, Kohl’s, Advocate Health Care, and Lion’s Club International.


Most recently, I filmed an episode for Chicago Med and have done print work with McDonald's, Home Depot, and Schmidt Bros. I have done multiple short and feature films in the Chicagoland area and continue to look for work that will help me grow as an actor and model.

With my fifteen years of experience, I love being able to give back to new models and help them discover their full potential!

Photo by: Jennifer Krantz

How did I get into modeling and acting?

  • Funny story! My sister and I saw one of those commercials on TV asking, "Do you want to be on a TV show like Hannah Montana, Drake & Josh, or ICarly?" Our mom let us call the phone number and got us an audition. It turned out to be with John Casablancas, an actor training school. I ended up getting scouted and signed with an agency, and then started modeling in the Chicagoland area!

Am I signed with an agency?

  • Yes! I am currently signed with Lily's Talent Agency in Chicago. I am also signed with Opt 1 Models.

Where am I based/ do I travel for modeling?

  • I am based in Chicago and have traveled around the midwest for work, including: Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, and of course around Illinois. I am also always happy to negotiate traveling for shoots!

What is my ethnicity?

  • Guess?! No, I am not Hispanic, Native American, or Middle Eastern. Good try though! I am half Japanese, and all the typical American mixes like German and English. I am a born-and-raised American from the northwest suburbs of Chicago I currently live in the city and am loving it!

What do I do in my free time?

  • I spend most of my free time with my pup Renee! She is a Retriever, Hound, Boxer, and German Shepard mix. She loves people and is super chatty. If you book one of my sessions you will probably see her pop in to say hello!

  • I also love spending time with my friends and exploring different neighborhoods in Chicago. This city has so much to offer!

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