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Nice to meet you!

Hi, I'm Britney! I am a petite model who has been in the industry since I was ten years old. With my thirteen years of experience, I love being able to give back to new models and help them discover their full potential!

Want to get to know me better?

Read a few fun facts about me below!

Photo by: Jennifer Krantz

How did I get into modeling and acting?

  • Funny story! My sister and I saw one of those commercials on TV asking, "Do you want to be on a TV show like Hannah Montana, Drake & Josh, or ICarly?" Our mom let us call the phone number and got us an audition. It turned out to be with John Casablancas, an actor training school. I ended up getting scouted and signed with an agency, and then started modeling in the Chicagoland area!

Am I signed with an agency?

  • Yes! I am currently signed with Lily's Talent Agency in Chicago and BMG Models & Talent in Chicago and New York.

Where am I based/ do I travel for modeling?

  • I am based in Chicago and have traveled around the midwest for work, including: Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, and of course around Illinois. I am also always happy to negotiate traveling for shoots!

What is my ethnicity?

  • Guess?! No, I am not Hispanic, Native American, or Middle Eastern. Good try though! I am half Japanese, and all the typical American mixes like German and English. I am a born-and-raised American from the northwest suburbs of Chicago I currently live in the city and am loving it!

What do I do in my free time?

  • I spend most of my free time with my pup Renee! She is a Retriever, Hound, Boxer, and German Shepard mix. She loves people and is super chatty. If you book one of my sessions you will probably see her pop in to say hello!

  • I also love spending time with my friends and exploring different neighborhoods in Chicago. This city has so much to offer!

Do you only model and act?

  • Nope, I dance as well! I actually earned a Bachelor of Arts in Dance, from Columbia College Chicago, and I focus on modern. You see little dance videos of me throughout the site. I love dance, and it's taught me the special element of being able to move fluidly and to pick up movement choreography quickly.